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Pikachu is a multi-functional bot which includes an experimental pokecord, reaction roles, audio, covid info and more.

Prefix p.
Library discord.py
Servers 533
Shards 1
Owner flare#0001

Pikachu is a diverse bot, offering many different toolsets for a wide range of server needs.
By default, Pikachu's prefix is p. however this can be changed by typing p.set serverprefix .

Pikachu offers many functions, to name a few:

  • Experimental Pokecord (In development) - p.help Pokecord - Supports English, French, Chinese and Japanese pokemon names!
  • Football Simulation League - p.help SimLeague
  • Reaction Roles - p.help rolebind
  • Audio Player - p.help Audio
  • Covid-19 Statistics - p.help Covid
  • Game Statistics - Rainbow 6 Siege, COD: MW, Faceit ( Wide Variety of Games )
  • Economy - Unbelievaboat type commands; work, crime etc. Casinos, roulette, racing.
  • Games - Monopoly etc
  • Moderation
  • LastFM Tracking - p.help LastFM
  • Leveling - p.help Leveler
  • Meme Commands - p.help DankMemer
  • Twitter Posting - p.help Tweets and a lot more!

A more in-depth listing of plugins and commands can be found @ https://pikabot.xyz/commands.

Pikachu is an instance of Red with it's own self made cogs.