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Malil general-purpose bot with fun commands, moderation and coding related commands

Prefix *
Library Other
Servers 25
Shards 1
Owner tricked#3777


Malil is a must have all in one bot with tons of commands to enjoy!
To view the list of commands in discord you can use *help.
So, what are you waiting for? Give Malil a try! Malil also has slash commands

List of awesome commands you can use in your server if you invite Malil:

config description
prefix prefix of Malil?
threadsupport Thread based support very epic
fun description
america ametica?
asciify asiify your avatar or picture
blame Ultimate crab
crab Ultimate crab
encode Decode things ig
fedora fedora stuff
iqtest iqtest
makememe Make a meme
math do some math
mock Mocking rn
pat petpetpet
shorten Shorten
youtube Starts a youtube together session
general description
github stalk github repos for updates
help malil help command
invite Invite Malil to your server
support Support server :)
information description
githubuser Sends some stats about a user github profile
ping Ping the bot
raw sends the message with raw text
server Displays some info about your discord
stats Sends some general stats of the bot
userinfo Displays some basic info about a user
vote Vote for the bot
moderation description
ban Ban users from your server
kick Kick users from your server
slowmode Set the slowmode of a channel
packages description
apt Searches the apt repositorys for apt packages
aur Find aur packages for you
crate Search for a crate package
dart Search for a 🐦 flutter package
ddoc Searches the discord deno docs
deno Search for a deno package
golang Search for a golang module
hackage Search for haskell packages to use in your projects
maven Search for maven packages to use in your projects
natico Natico docs
npm Search for a npm package
pip Search for a pip package

Github command preview:

Github command preview

Fedora command preview:

Fedora command preview

Youtube command preview: