Ka heke te roimata me te hūpē, ka ea te mate—In memoriam of Elizabeth II

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Music bot designed to play GensokyoRadio designed and built by the team of GensokyoBot

Prefix /
Library Eris
Servers 4,435
Shards 4
Owner SixAiy#3100


v6.0 with Revolt Support


A Music Discord bot designed to play KNGI Radio. We are not a radio station, we are a bunch of Developers that want to see something different on Discord.

GensokyoBot currently is serving over 5000+ guilds/servers



  • /help: Shows the Help with links
  • /stats: Shows the current Stats


  • /play: Joins the channel you are in and plays Gensokyo Radio
  • /now: Shows the current song playing
  • /stop: Stops the music and leaves the channel


  • /stab: Shows an anime gif of stabbing
  • /facedesk: Gif of Anime face desking
  • /hug: You can hug someone
  • /pat: Pat someone
  • /roll: You roll around
  • /stab: Shows an anime gif of stabbing
  • /anime: shows a gif of Animeeee!!

View more of our commands and information on our website - https://gensokyobot.com