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Bear Bot

Insane Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, Counting, Advanced Moderation and much more!

Prefix !
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner classic#1685

Our bot is great for helping mods manage any server, bringing the community together with fun question and awnser games, helping people connect with mini games like counting, making every call more enjoyable with high quality music, providing content for your server members to react to with reddit integration and much more!

You can find a full list of commands with !help or visiting our website.

Advanced moderation including best mute system a clean warn system and more, Best counting game which doesn’t reset if you type a wrong number so no need to restart for a troll, Best insane Truth or Dare game with wyr questions you can even suggest questions to us in our support server, reddit community integrations giving commands such as !aww, Custom react triggers so the bot can react with a custom message or emote to text and much more.

Refined list: Custom react triggers, best truth or dare plus would you rather, advanced moderation, Best counting game, Reddit integration and much more.

This bot is fairly new to Discord but within the next new months we aim to have everything you need to run a successful server! In the next update (within 2 days) we will be releasing new HD music system so you can listen to your favourite tunes in a call!

We will continually update the bot to keep the features fresh and easy to use and to patch bugs! As well as that we aim to bring out some YouTube tutorials soon on how to use the bot for those who are newer to using bots in their server.

This bot contains NSFW questions which are auto disabled make sure the bot is in a NSFW channel before using the commands.

If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know on our support server!

You can view the full list of commands and what is coming soon on our website or do !help.

Make sure you read the privacy policy on our website before using our bot. Thank you.