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Application Manager

Hey , I am Application Manager. According to my name i can manage applications within a server . I can help you optimising the recruitment for any purpose.

Prefix a/ (customizable)
Servers 373
Owner Vishal#2458

This bot can help you in creating application for recruitments regardless of any purpose.This bot is very easy to use.

Application_id = message_id of the submitted application which has been sent in logging channel..

Go through out the help command to understand its working well.

(Role of bot should be greater than the role on which you want to perform action.) (Bot should have required permissions like: manage_roles, manage_messages, send_messages etc. ,so that it can work well.) (My default prefix is 'a/' which can't be removed but a custom prefix can be added.Don't forget to use prefix before a command.)


Commands Working
ping : To get the latency of bot.
bot : To get some info about the bot.
prefix : To check current prefix.
◻ prefix set : To set a new custom prefix.

Apply Limit

Commands Working
applylimit : To check the current limit that how many times a member can apply for application.
◻ applylimit set : To set a new limit for members to apply for application.
◻ applylimit remove : To remove the limit for members.(Default is 1.)

Logging Channel

Commands Working
applog : To check the channel for user's application logging.
◻ applog here : To set current channel as application logging channel.
◻ applog set : To set the given channel as application logging channel.


Commands Working
blacklist : To check the blacklisted role and channel.
◻ blacklist channel : To blacklist a channel(Member will get no responce on apply from channel).
◻ blacklist role : To blacklist a role(Member with this role will not be able to apply for application).
◻ blacklist remove : To clear all blacklisted role and channel.

Role on Apply for application

Commands Working
onapplyrole : To check which role will be given to member when they apply.
◻ onapplyrole set : To set a role to give to members when they apply.
◻ onapplyrole remove : To remove the on apply role to give to members.

Role on application accept

Commands Working
onacceptrole : To check which role will be given when member's application is accepted.
◻ onacceptrole set : To set a role to give to members when their application is accepted.
◻ onacceptrole remove : To remove the on accept role to give to members.

Questions for application

Commands Working
questions : To check which questions has been set for application.
◻ questions set : To set questions for new application.(Every questions should be seperated with '///'.)
◻ questions remove : To remove the current questions.

example to set questions:


Commands Working
apply : To apply for open application in server.


(Here application_id is the message_id of the application which has been submitted by member and has been logged in logging channel.(This ID is also sent to member in their DM when their application is successfully submitted.))

Commands Working
accept : To accept an application.
reject : To reject an application with reason.(Reason is always required.)
get : To get a list of applications a member has submitted.

Remove Applications

(You will be able to remove applications of members with "remove" command and you can clear whole database of applications of your server with "cleardb" command).

Commands Working
remove : To remove the application of the member with application_id(message_id of submitted application).
clearuser : To clear all the applications of a user in a server.
cleardb : To clear all applications for the server.(This is rqeuired before setting a new application.)


Commands Working
invite : To get invite link of this bot.
suggest : To suggest something related to this bot.