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Whois is a specialized user information system capable of providing standard discord information and specialized Whois information

Prefix wh?
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy wh?privacy

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  • Fetch ANY Discord User
  • Acquirable Badges
  • User Flags and Notes
  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Why Whois?

Whois provides a specialized user information system. On top of the traditional information that any bot would provide you, Whois allows you to view flags and notes placed on users to ensure you can see information on the user beyond what Discord provides you.

Isn't Whois just another information bot?

No, while Whois does provide the same basic information that many bots may provide. Whois specializes in the ability to provide you information that is exclusively provided through Whois.

How do you prevent abuse?

Whois flags and notes can only be added to a user by select members of our staff team and all reports provided to us are vetted and scored to determine the appropriate action to be taken.

I want to report a user, do you share my info on flags or notes?

No, Whois flags and notes only provide minimal information for the purpose of informing the viewer. Whois will never provide any information about the reporting user or specifics of the report other than the general nature.

What is the difference in a "Flag" and a "Note"?

A "Flag" is a report that met our internal scoring threshold that categorized the user as potentially harmful. A "Note" is information added for general information purposes or based on reports that did not meet the internal scoring threshold for a potentially harmful user.