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Prefix h!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy h!privacy
Owner SK1LL#2526

##Hello there, welcome to the best porn bot on the internet.

Lemme get into it real quick...

So, pretty much, this bot is great, it can um, send u some NSFW images with a simple command, pretty cool eh? Well, no shit sherlock, we have over 50 free commands that you can use in your own discord server, for those very horny people that need it. Anyways, to get started with her, you can type h!help, she will bring up three options which you can pick. These three are: General Commands, Premium Commands and Utility Commands. I'm assuming you're a cheapskate and will not spend money, in that case you broke fuck, you should type h!help general. It will bring up a list of poverty commands. In order to use these commands, you need to know some common sense as to set the channel as NSFW. Sorted.

Check out our premium stuff, loser.

In order to keep our service online, we need to make some income, so the only way to do that is by restriction the best commands. Why have we done that? Well, because we're assholes. Anyways, if you're wanting access to those commands then you can do so by donating to us. Just type h!premium in your server and it should come up with a list of rewards and a link that you can click to go and donate... thank ya.