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This is a useful discord bot that can be used for fun and keeping your server safe!

Prefix .
Library Other
Servers ???
Privacy Policy .privacy

This is a useful discord bot with multiple features like:

Fun commands: You can use the fun commands to fetch memes, dog pictures... from reddit It also has other commands like 8ball, say... Theres a clone message that makes a webhook and sends a message of your preference!

Moderation commands: There are multiple helpful moderation commands you could use! Any usage of the commands would be logged in your logging channel!

Persistent mutes: This bot also has persistent muting persistent muting makes it very hard to surpass mutes by rejoining, removing the role...

Welcome and goodbye configurations: You can set the welcome and goodbye configurations to send a message everytime someone joins or leaves It can also give roles to new members!

Other helpful commands: There are more features with this bot you can use like remind, avatar, defaultavatar... More features soon!