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dBay-Delivery Bot

dBay is a Discord Delivery Bot! You order something, we deliver!

Prefix d!
Library discord.py
Servers ???
Owner Dev#9070
Editors Devin#0242

This is dBay, a new Discord Delivery bot! Inspired by bots like Virtual Diner, we made this bot for ourself and our friends, along with anyone else who wants to use it, and it has flourished into a growing bot primed for verification. To order things, users can use the d!order command in a channel the bot can see, or in the bots dms. To deliver orders Users can join the dBay Discord Server to become deliverers, or they can use the bot in any server it is in to order things and will in return receive an image of that item. Here are dBay's features: Everyone: d!order: orders whatever you would like (SFW of course) d!feedback: send feedback to our deliverers! Deliverers Only: d!deliver: delivers the order specified d!delete: delete orders that do not follow our rules d!orders: see all active orders d!info: see info about a specific order