Hinami's Avatar


Hinami, a very simple bot to entertain your discord experience.

Prefix hi!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy hi!legal

Oh, I didn't know you was there, so what is Hinami bot ? Hinami bot is an great program as we love 'em who can do some greats statistics, games, funny integreations, nsfw, hell yeah I love this little hinami ! Sorry I got carried away, you see.

Didn't I convince you ?, Here's a quick look at Hinami's commands: -animesearch, moviesearch, youtubesearch, serverinfo, userinfo... -8ball, ascii, fliptext, strong, trumptweet, meme... -baka, bird, cuddle, hug, kiss, pat, tickle, wallpaper, koala... -lyrics, math, nasa, qrcode, say, vote...

The bot is constantly evolving, its sole objective is to entertain a maximum of users.

And if you're not impressed with this little Hinami-chan, just try her and had her on your server my dear !