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a simple but ever expanding music bot!

Prefix .
Library JDA
Servers ???

this bot was designed with no limitations in mind, and has a purpose of providing you and your friends a good listening experience. It has some commands to help you with that:
* .play: plays a song / url
* .skip: skips a song
* .help: shows this
* .join: make the bot join your voice channel
* .queue: shows the current queue
* .stop: clears queue and stops playing, doesnt leave voice channel
* .disconnect || .dc: disconnects the bot from the channel
* .loop || loops the currently playing song
* .vol / .volume "number betwwen 1 and 40"|| sets the volume
* .seek timestamp, ex : 1:30 || seeks a timestamp also, when using this bot, no server identifying data will be logged, not to the moderators of your server, and not to us! only the amount of servers it is in, which we wont identify

also, we would welcome you in our discord server, for support, or just building a community with you! with that in mind, We hope you will try this bot!