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Meow is a multipurpose bot with a lot of feature-rich categories.

Prefix nya (customizeable)
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy nya privacy
Owner Elaina#6084

General Information

Meow is a bot that features commands for categories such as Economy, Moderation, Fun, Social and more to come.

Get started

To get a command list, simply type nya help For more information about a specific command, use nya help (command) The prefix can be changed with nya prefix (new-prefix) If you forgot the prefix, simply mention the bot and it will respond with the currently set prefix for the guild


I am open for any kind of suggestions so why not make one? :) Message me on Discord DMs (meowgirl#6084) or use the bugreport command


You found a bug and want to report it? Use the bugreport command to do so