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[NSFW] Search, overview, and read doujins in Discord.

Prefix n!
Servers ???
Privacy Policy n!privacy
Owner Ilexis#0001

Search, overview, and read doujins in Discord.
These commands can only be used in NSFW-marked channels or DMs!

* = Required argument;
Opens this help menu and required permissions.

Show a small privacy policy to comply with Discord Developer Terms of Service.

doujin_info/code [code]
Open the details of a certain doujin. Leave blank for a random one. Discover!
ー ProTip: You can run a doujin ID as a command to run this. Ex: "n!177013"

download [*code]
Download all pages of a certain doujin.

search_doujins/search [*query]
Search doujins. Only the first result page is shown.

favorites/fav [add|remove]
Add/Remove a doujin to/from your favorites list. Run with no arguments to view your list.

history [toggle|clear]
Toggle the recording of, or clear, your viewing history.
ー Your history can only be seen when you run the command.
ー No one can see your history, you can't see theirs.
ー Your history is updated when you run n!doujin_info/code or 📖Read a result from search_doujins/search.

Required Permissions:
- Send Messages (To send messages, duh)
- Embed Links (To stylize messages. No plain text options!)
- Add Reactions (To provide buttons for you to click)
- *Manage Messages (To make your experience more convenient)
- *Manage Channels (To create a channel for you to read doujins in)
- *Manage Roles (To make that channel private)

Support server: MechHub/DJ4wdsRYy2