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Well expanded Ping Pong RPG Bot for Discord with loads of implemented both entertainment and utility commands!

Prefix ping
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy <prefix> PrivacyPolicy

Ping pong sing along..

Ping Pong Commands:

  • Play ping-pong matches against bots or real players!
  • Enjoy most known gambling activities, like roulette and slots
  • Complete quests to gather the currency

Fun Commands:

  • Play minigames
  • Search the web for whatever you want
  • KILL other users or ask the bot for some juicy roast

Bot Information Commands:

  • Gather very descriptive help information for each command!
  • Change the prefix for the bot
  • See what future updates are going to be implemented and if any maintenance is going to occur

Utility Commands:

  • Transfer message link into nicely looking embed
  • Look up information about the server or user
  • Gather a link to any emoji or profile picture
  • Create your own embed, using the specially detailed command, you don't need to open any external site!