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Multipurpose bot that gets random features depending on our mood

Prefix yoink
Library discord.py
Servers ???

A general purpose bot with some nifty commands like the ability to;

show the difference between two images

add a basic filter over an image

jpeg-ify an image

reduce the number of bits for each colour channel

rotate an image

randomly shift an image's colour bands

show google results for a given query

take a screenshot of a given page

translate between languages

show the current weather for a given region

a randon number

generate a random colour with hex/rgb/hsv values with a small sample image

suggestion command to help us improve this

uwuify a message, wots of fun

show reddit posts with user-specified sort methods

shows the source of an anime (or best guess of) image

an 'NdN' dice roller (modifiers etc to come)