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Vixirus, the new Music bot made for the only purpose, to entertain people with its music.

Prefix v!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy v!privacy

Upcoming Music bot Vixirus is made and developed by PGamingHD#0666. Vixirus is a high-quality music bot currently in Alpha stage. Therefore we ask you to be patient and take up possible bugs with the developer to get everything fixed as soon as possible. Vixirus is there to entertain your server and you, and cannot do that properly if it is full of bugs.

[p]Play [Name] - Play something. [p]Playing - Currently playing song. [p]Stop - Stop the currently playing song. [p]Skip - Skip the currently playing song. [p]Summon - Summon the bot into your VC. [p]Leave - Leave the current VC. [p]Pause - Pause the music. [p]Resume - Resume the music. [p]Volume [0-100] - Change music volume. [p]Loop [enable/disable] Enable/disable the loop. [p]Queue - View the current music queue.