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The Soviet Union

Hello! Welcome to the Soviet Union! We are a small community trying to rebuild back to our strong foothold we had before. We are a chill/vibe community with a USSR theme.

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                   **Welcome to the Soviet Union**

** **Welcome to the Soviet Union, where communism still exists ** **Not that Communism, Stalin. We mean, Gorbachev Communism

We have the vodka! We have the potatoes We have the memes, the things that make you LAUGH and CRY We have the people, we have the slavs We have COMRADES We have the super slav, a blyatful server!

WE ALSO HAVE BOTS Don't have what you're looking for? Suggest it, and we'll add it!

Dear comrades, do you like being called comrade? Look no further, the Soviet Union

  • The Soviet Union is a server that does not intend to be political
  • Put the server in a stance where we exist as a vibe/chill community
  • A community themed closely to the Soviet Union

-> This server does not partner with any form of heavy -> "roleplaying" "country" servers, so don't ask about this please

This server is extremely small, we had to rebuild this server from the ground up once more, because the last server although having 300 members, did not provide a good enough quality and had riddled with problems, this server is meant to address and mend the previous problems

-> This server complies with Discord Trust and Safety so if you break this, you're out of here

This server is looking for staff members, roles list provided when you join, please do not ask for roles, the roles we have, are the roles we have

  • This server is needing your help and support to help us get members
  • Once we get enough members, we can add bots like Disboard

-> PARTNERRSHIPS OPEN! -> Limitations apply, see about regarding "country servers/roleplay" -> We are looking for LEGITIMATE servers

Hope you enjoy your stay, at the Soviet Union, thank you comrade!