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The Posse (18+)

This server revolves around dating matchmaking and getting to know new people in general. The basis around this server is to build new friendships, chill, game and laugh with common interests. Find out who are your friends and what you are capable of! ════════════════════════════════ **What we have to offer:** ʚ💘ɞ┃⊱ Dating profiles + Dating Matchmakers (18+ ONLY) ʚ💘ɞ┃⊱A mature, laidback, and unique atmosphere. ʚ💘ɞ┃⊱ A friendly place for everyone to enjoy. ʚ💘ɞ┃⊱ Share quotes, social media and much more. ʚ💘ɞ┃⊱ Build relationships & meet new people everyday. ʚ💘ɞ┃⊱ Emotional Support Team - File a ticket for support. ʚ💘ɞ┃⊱ Find a promising partner through our dating section. ʚ💘ɞ┃⊱ Content creators, streamers and selfie channels. Much more to see, come check us out. 😉

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