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Bouncy Castle is a chill chat server made for people of all backgrounds to talk about your hobbies, share your feelings and maybe even make a few friends! We’re LGBT+ friendly and non-toxic. Tons of bots, roles and custom emojis to use! If you decide to join, we hope you enjoy your stay!

Listing Owner ACAB | Icarus#0714


Creative Arts

Da Rules
First and foremost, Follow Discord's TOS. We don't want this server to be taken down!

  • NO toxicity or bigotry of any kind, that will not be tolerated here. Joking or not.
  • Keep the drama you deal with in real life in the vent chat, please!
  • Keep sensitive/triggering/controversial topics in the #politics channel. (see debate role)
  • Politics are to be kept in the politics channel. Keep them out of general as well as all other chatting channels. (Grab the @Debate Team role for access in #roles!)
  • Don’t minimod!! If there's a problem, please tag an admin or moderator, as they are all trained in how to handle rule-breaking. You are not.
  • Keep NSFW conversations and images out of this server. As of right now, this server is entirely PG-13.
  • Nicknames cannot be offensive or blank. It is preferable if you use normal characters, but not mandatory.
  • No NSFW profile pictures. You will be kicked and asked to change it before returning to the server.
  • No sharing personal information. Anything more descriptive than a first name or a state will be deleted. Please don't exchange this info in DMs either, for your own safety.
  • No doxxing or revealing other's private information. Not only will you be immediately banned, but it will be reported to Discord.
  • Please don't try to exploit loopholes in the rules. We'll punish you anyways.
  • No Illegal content. This includes real images of death, abuse of animals or people, gore, pornographic images, links or videos, and anything else you wouldn't want your grandmother seeing.
  • No witch-hunting or planning raids.
  • Moderators reserve the right to delete anything at their own discretion. If you believe you're being unfairly targeted, please talk to @🌟Astra🌟 or @Icarus
  • No advertisement outside of the proper channels.
  • Keep bot commands in #bot-spam and #bot-spam-2
  • Try to stay on the channel topic, or move to general!
  • No loud noises in the Voice Channels, please! No one needs their eardrums broken.