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Multi-purpose, English Discord bot. Great selection for Entertainment, Server and User Commands and more..

Prefix u!
Library Other
Servers ???
Owner Alf#4021




Introducing New Up Bot

Multiple Language fun Bot! Designed to entertain your server, have fun!

  • Type u!help for help menu!

  • 500+ Servers with 600K+ users. Type u!info!

๐Ÿ“ฐ Up's Overview

  • Introducing the new Up Bot, a wonderful Discord Bot made for the fun and peace of you and your server..

  • The new Up Bot, which includes more than 50 commands and new commands added every day, is for you!

  • Invite now and go on the journey, Up is for you! ( 50+ Commands , huh! )

๐Ÿ“Œ Up's Commands

  • Fun Commands : u!achievement,u!captcha,u!saycat,u!slap,u!cake,u!hug,u!8ball and more.

  • Info Commands : u!info,u!server,u!user,u!avatar,u!invite,u!ping,u!emotes and more.

  • Image Commands : u!fox,u!cat,u!dog,u!achievement,u!minecraft,u!bird,u!avatar,u!kis,u!slap,u!cake and more.

  • Useful Commands : u!youtube,u!daily,u!8ball,u!rps,u!randomgrade,u!user,u!captcha,u!lol,u!overwatch and more.

  • There's enough reason to invite Up Bot.

Up's Info

  • Total Servers : 540+

  • Total Users : 650K+

  • Max Ping : 220ms

Other Information(s)

  • Creation Date : 10 August 2019

  • Owner : Alf#4021

  • Most Used Commands : u!help ( 320 Servers )