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Trick'cord Treat

Trick-or-treaters will appear and you'll have the chance to greet them. Collect everything and become your server's Champion of Halloween!

Prefix h!
Library JDA
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Owner advaith#9121

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Once a year on a dark and stormy night, the world’s most frightful fears, horrifying haunts, and scariest of skeletons roam the streets for sugary sustenance on the front doors of millions of fully-stocked residents throughout the world. It’s a bonafide beastly bash!

2020 isn’t like every year though… what was once a hustling bustling holiday may be nothing more a silent spooky sight for many places in the world. Perhaps you already live in the middle of a frightening forest or desert that’s never had trick-or-treaters. Or maybe Halloween isn’t celebrated where you live, but it’s been your dream to stalk for sugary snacks.

We want to help bring a trick-or-treating experience to EVERYONE, no matter where your haunted house resides. To help, we’re launching a special limited-time Halloween bot called Trick’cord Treat that anyone can use to bring some seasonal specters to your server.

Once you add our Halloween bot to your server, 40 trick-or-treaters will start knockin’ on your door for some sweet treats. Don’t worry, they’re not actual random people joining!

It’s a game based on speed, with whoever giving a treat to the guest first receiving an item for their game inventory. The items to collect range from common trinkets such as Hairball to ultra-rare collectibles like a Miniature Crown.

The bot can show a scoreboard of who’s closest to completing their collection of trick-or-treat prizes, and whoever has the most items in your server will be given a special role called the “Champion of Halloween!”

Only one person can have this role, so gather some more items and take their orange crown from them!

Trick’cord Treat will remain active until November 2nd, 2020, giving you a couple of days to finish your item collection while devouring the last of your Halloween candy. (Save me one of the Cadbury Flakes, will ya?)