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A Template & Backup Manager bot!

Prefix r!
Library JDA
Servers 64
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Editors bugo07#4778

Renon bot

Renon is a Template & Backup Manager bot. You can create a template, and anyone can install, but you can create a backup and only you can install!

Templates feature

Create a template, and anyone can use it! A template is a server design (Like minecraft, or community server, server host design) that can be installed on anyone's server using 1 command.


Template Browser & Template searcher

You can search Templates, or browse templates easily and choose one to install!


Interval backups

Interval backups are backups that update every X of time. To keep your backup up-to-date!


Easy to use Template editor

The easiest Template Editor ever created! Easily change name or description or even update its data inside! Imgur

Easy Template/Backup Installation

Install any template, or backup easily. Just using 1 command to install, and 1 to search for it


Backup Limit

Your backup limit is 25 backup. But you dont need this amount, 1 interval backup for every server is fine


Only the guild owner can install templates or backups.


My bot may not have alot of templates, but you can help it get more by inviting it, and people invite it too, and people create templates!