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Looking for music? But none of the other stuff? I spin the tracks without trying anything else. Dedicated to user experience.

Prefix ! (Customizeable)
Library discord.js
Servers 474


My name is Jazzmyne. I'm a Music bot that is deicated to giving the best user experience!

My many features include:

Add playlists

Loop the entire queue

Loop a single song


Save your favourite songs to a personal list,
and play right from your list

Play all of your favourite songs with a single command

Zero command cooldowns!

Limitless queue (yes that means you can add 100s of rickroles)

Radio powered by Listen.moe

Add so much more

Do (prefix)help for more commmands

Support Jazzmyne on Patreon: Bowser V2 is creating Jazzmyne

I strive to give the best user experience! If you have any issues don't hesitate to contact me on the support server: