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Birthday Bot

Keep track of member birthdays in your discord!

Prefix bd!
Library discord.js
Servers 4879
Shards 5


Prefix: bd!

User Commands:

  • setup - Starts a process to add your birth date and timezone.
  • clear - Remove your current birth date and timezone.
  • birthday - Replies with the birthday & timezone you have set.

Miscellaneous Commands:

  • help - Displays this embed.
  • server - Display information regarding the server about birthdays.
  • birthdays - Find out the birthdays set in a certain month or today.
  • invite - Links you to the bot invite and support server.
  • premium - View bot premium information.
  • vote - Help to support the bot by voting!
  • voted / voted - Check when you or someone else last voted.
  • votes - Display a list of all the top 10 bot voters.
  • stats - Shows all the relevant operational data of the bot.
  • ping - Responds with the bots ping.

Admins Commands:

  • set - Sets the channel where birthday announcements will be sent.
  • delchan - Delete the set announcement channel.
  • role - Designate a role to assign users when their birthday is announced.
  • delrole - Delete the assigned birthday role.
  • purge - Purge a users birthday from the database.
  • purgeall - Purges birthdays stored on users no longer in the discord server.
  • check - Check whether a user is still in the discord and if they have a birthday stored.
  • add - Setup a users birthday for them.

Premium Commands:

  • message - Set your birthday message up.
  • delmessage - Remove the stored birthday message.
  • toggleage - Toggle whether users are able to provide their age in announced birthdays.
  • age - Add your age to your birthday announcement.
  • delage - Remove the stored age from you.