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Get information about discord servers from invite codes

Prefix /
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This command shows you information about a server in a visually appealing way. You don't have to be in the server because most of the information is extracted from an invite code that you provide.

Example Command Usage

/inviteinfo ps

Image of /inviteinfo command

Everyone can see this message (Image is outdated)

Information you can get

  • Member Count

  • Guild Features

    • Dicoverable
    • Enabled Discoverable Before
    • Discoverable Disabled
    • Welcome Screen Enabled
    • Member Verification Gate Enabled
    • Ticketed Events Enabled
    • Monetization Enabled
    • Preview Enabled
    • Relay Enabled
    • Force Relay
    • Commerce
    • News
    • Vanity URL
    • Invite Splash
    • Banner
    • Animated Icon
    • More Emoji
    • More Stickers
    • VIP Regions
    • Partnered
    • Verified
    • Community
    • Three Day Thread Archive
    • Seven Day Thread Archive
    • Private Threads
    • Threads Enabled Testing

    If you're interested which servers get what features check out

  • Welcome Screen

  • Invite Channel

  • Inviter

  • Vanity Url

  • Invite expiration date

  • Non private voice channels

    • Server needs to have enabled their widget
  • Emojis

    • Server needs to have preview enabled & be discoverable or have my bot added to their guild
  • See if server is an official discord guild

  • Information about voice channel activites

    Image of voice channel activity information embed

  • Information about public stage channels

    • Topic
    • Number of listeners and speakers
    • Up to 5 speakers in detail
      • Avatar
      • Nickname
      • Username and discrim
      • Some badges including
        • Discord Employee
        • Partnered Server Owner
        • HypeSquad Events
        • Bug Hunter Level 1
        • House Bravery
        • House Brilliance
        • House Balance
        • Early Supporter
        • Bug Hunter Level 2
        • Early Verified Bot Developer
        • Discord Certified Moderator
      • Server avatar soon™

    Image of public stage channel information embeds