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Want to talk to people in other servers, but don't want to have to join them or are at max servers? Global Chat solves that problem with cross-server communication!

Prefix gc!
Library discord.js
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Privacy Policy gc?privacy

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  • Cross-Server Communication
  • Acquirable Badges
  • Multiple Format Options
  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Why Global Chat?

Global Chat is a bot capable of a unique form of server communication known as a "global chat". A global chat allows you to communicate with other servers participating in the global chat platform, expanding the available activity in your server and allowing for members to talk with members of other servers without needing to join them.

Isn't Global Chat just another chat bot?

No, while Global Chat uses the same system as other global chat bots in order to allow for cross-server communication, global chat has been specially built to cater to the preferences of different servers and users. From acquirable badges to multiple formatting options.

How do you prevent abuse?

Global Chat has automatic chat moderation in place to prevent the sending of invites and select keywords, in the event the automod does not prevent abuse, we have global chat moderators monitoring the chat to stop and prevent current and future abuse at both a user and a guild level.

I set the global chat to the wrong channel, can I change it?

Yes, simply set your global chat channel to the correct channel using the set command and the bot will automatically update the channel.

How do the multiple formatting options work?

We utilize the channel description to determine the formatting option used for your server, see the options command for a full list of options and what they do.