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A Discord Bot that lets you manage all your profile pictures inside Discord.

Prefix pfp
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy pfp privacy

It's very simple to use. Just invite it to your server to begin tracking profile picture changes, no setup required!
Ever wondered what profile pictures people used to have? Now you can take a look at people's profile pictures, keep track of your own profile picture history, and add interesting profile pictures that you find to your collection!

inv: View someone's profile picture inventory.
history: View someone's profile picture history.

add: Add a profile picture to your list.
remove: Remove a profile picture from your list.
avatar: View someone's pfp.

settings: Adjust user-specific settings. (Toggle blacklist for watching profile picture changes or delete your data)
privacy: View the privacy policy.

Proposed Features
• Profile picture minigame?
• Voting on people's profile pictures?

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