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Mistress Bean

Latest development from RoseBot Studios

Prefix m!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy m!privacy

Mistress Bean is a new bot from RoseBot Studios,

Mistress has many commands featuring economy and fun, even paginated commands! (finally)

The prefix is m! and can be set per-user (!!!) using m!prefix

Short command list:

  • m!daily
  • m!work
  • m!beg
  • m!store
  • m!gchar
  • m!prefix

V0.5 Changelog:


  • Coloured the help command, finally
  • Balances are now global, they carry between servers
  • Updated changelog formatting
  • Deposit and withdraw now have proper error handlers


  • Deposit and withdraw all
  • Privacy policy
  • Deletedata
  • Added Hu Taos build information inm!gchar
  • Weekly money command
  • Monthly money command


  • Bstore command
  • Covid command

Known Bugs:

  • Bot will randomly error when trying to retrieve certain avatars
  • Avatar will only show in PNG format
  • Changelog will not display version info