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Hello! My name is Gold Miner and I am a minecraft economy bot! I respond to prefix . and you can find more info doing .help!

Prefix .
Servers ???

The currency of this bot is Gold! You can check the amount of gold you have using .balance. To deposit or withdraw gold you will need an Ender chest, which you can get from Shop. Current bot features:

PvP - this feature was added recently and will be updated, but you can do .kill (user).

Cooking - this feature allows you to cook food you get from using .hunt or .fish. Cooking also requires coal which you can get from .mine command. To cook you also need to buy a Smoker.

Shopping system - with this feature you can sell coal and raw or cooked food. You can also buy items like armor, which helps you to survive from creeper explosions while mining, tools, weapons and utilities, like smoker and ender chest.

Jobs - as mentioned above, there are jobs you can get gold, food and other goodies by doing them. Currently there are 3 jobs - mining, which you can do by using .mine command, hunting, which you can do by using .hunt command and fishing, which you can do using .fish command.


Our support server, that is listed below is active and respond in the next 24 hours the question is asked. Also we put update spoilers and some more info, that isn't listed here. So what are you waiting for? Invite the bot and have fun!