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Just your local Discord AI friend. A Cleverbot-inspired chatbot.

Prefix c. / custom
Library discord.js
Servers ???


Just your local Discord AI friend.

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Who the heck is Clevercord?

Clevercord is a basic, interactive AI chatbot that talks to you through Discord chat. The bot is an inspiration from the famous website chatbot, Cleverbot. Created by aizakkusnail and his team Bottled Sideways; December 30, 2020.


Artificial Intelligence

  • This bot allows you to speak REAL-TIME with an actual robot. Filled with a bottle of brain power and artificial intelligence, the bot doesn't just spit out random responses. It actually detects every message you chat into them, and gives you a contextual response!

Stress-free, fun, and enjoyable commands

  • We have TONS of cool commands stuffed inside one single bot, including image-manipulating commands.

Generate custom Undertale dialouges/text boxes! Eject sus users! Ship yourself with someone, or even someTHING!

We make sure every user is satisfied with our project.

Utilize with utilities

  • Utilities are just plain cool when you need some necessary stuff in your server. Clev's got you covered on that too.


- aizakkusnail