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SchlenderBot but it's old

A multipurpose bot, featuring music, a tag system, and a web dashboard!

Prefix > (Customizable)
Library JDA
Servers ???


SchlenderBot is an advanced bot originally made for my server, but now public! It features things like decoding discord bot tokens, twitter account information, server- and userinfo, topics to talk about, urbandictionary definitions, music, and a lot more!

It uses the latest discord features like slash commands, buttons, selection menus and even has a dashboard!

A very extensive tag system is also included (documentation still needed)

The Bot also features a high-quality argument system, here are some examples:

  • To get a user, you can use a mention (@LenderSchlender#2378), an id (464494342875250688), or just a part of the name (Lender)
  • To get a channel, you can use a mention, the id or the name
  • For roles you can also use a mention, the id or the name!

A extensive automod is currently in development! For example the automod will detect the following urls:


Following discord invites will also match:

  • .gg/discord-developers