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Spidey is a multipurpose Discord bot currently supporting almost every aspect of a modern Discord bot

Prefix /
Library JDA
Servers 235
Owner cane#0570

As written in the short description, Spidey currently supports almost every aspect of a modern Discord bot. Brief list of features:

  • uses slash commands
  • music
  • ability to launch a game session in a voice channel, such as YouTube Together (/voicegame)
  • localization support
  • logging joins/leaves (with showing what invite link a user used to join)
  • adding a role to a user after joining

Music deserves its own section:

  • support for skipping non-music segments through SponsorBlock (disabled by default as it can cause unexpected confusion, can be enabled using /segskipping)
  • support for playing from YouTube Music with a direct link, such as https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=-mLpe7KUg9U
  • fair queue which prevents users from queueing the same song over and over again (disabled by default, can be enabled using /fairqueue), which also has customizable threshold (min 2 songs, max 10, default is 3 songs)
  • DJ role (allows to stop the entire playback, enable/disable segment skipping, enable/disable fair queue, set the fair queue threshold or set the default music volume)


  • (edit)snipe commands to snipe deleted/edited messages, which are cached only for 10 minutes from the moment of creation (enabled by default for servers with less than 10k people)
  • nsfw commands (locked to nsfw channels)
  • uploading emotes from link
  • other miscellaneous commands, which you can discover by running /help

Slash Commands

  • /avatar | Optional user
    Shows your/entered user's avatar
    • user: The user to get the avatar of
  • /clear
    Clears the music queue

  • /defaultvolume | Optional volume
    Sets the default music volume
    • volume: The default music volume for this server or blank to see the current default volume
  • /djrole | Optional role
    Sets/removes the DJ role
    • role: The role to set as the DJ role or blank to reset
  • /editsnipe
    Snipes an edited message

  • /eval code
    Evals java code
    • code: The code to eval
  • /fairqueue | Optional enable threshold
    Enables/disables fair queue or sets the threshold
    • enable: Whether to enable fair queue
    • threshold: The fair queue threshold
  • /help | Optional command
    Shows the help message
    • command: The command to get help for
  • /info
    Shows you info about me

  • /joinrole | Optional role
    Sets/removes the role that is added to a member after joining
    • role: The role to set as the join role or blank to reset
  • /log | Optional channel
    Sets the log channel
    • channel: The channel to set as the log channel
  • /members
    Shows you the membercount of the server

  • /nowplaying
    Shows what the current song is

  • /nsfw type
    Sends a NSFW image
    • type: The type of the NSFW image
  • /pause
    Pauses/unpauses the playback

  • /play query
    Plays/queues a song
    • query: The YouTube link or query to play
  • /purge amount | Optional user
    Purges messages (by entered user)
    • amount: The amount of messages to purge
    • user: The user to delete the messages of
  • /queue
    Lists the current queue

  • /remove position
    Removes a song from the queue based on its position
    • position: The position of the track to remove
  • /repeat repeat_mode
    Sets the repeat mode
    • repeat_mode: The repeat mode to set
  • /savesong
    Sends the current playing song into your private messages

  • /segments | Optional reload
    Lists all non music SponsorBlock segments in this video
    • reload: Whether to force reload the segments
  • /segmentskipping enable
    Enables/disables non-music segment skipping using SponsorBlock
    • enable: Whether to enable support for SponsorBlock segments
  • /server
    Shows you info about this server

  • /settings
    Shows the current settings for this server

  • /shuffle
    Shuffles the queue

  • /skip
    Skips the current song

  • /snipe
    Snipes a deleted message

  • /sniping enable
    Enables/disables message delete/edit sniping
    • enable: Whether to enable (edit)sniping
  • /stats
    Shows you Spidey's stats

  • /stop
    Stops the playback and disconnects the bot

  • /subreddit subreddit
    Sends a random image from given subreddit
    • subreddit: The subreddit to get a random image from
  • /uploademote link | Optional name
    Uploads the image from the provided url as an emote
    • link: The link of the emote
    • name: The emote name
  • /user | Optional user
    Shows info about you or entered user
    • user: The user to get the info about
  • /vip | Optional guild_id
    Enables/disables VIP for a guild
    • guild_id: The ID of the guild to enable/disable VIP for
  • /voicegame game | Optional channel
    Creates an invite for a game for a voice channel
    • game: The game to create an invite for
    • channel: The channel to create the game invite for
  • /volume volume
    Sets the volume of music
    • volume: The new volume