Al3xis is a bot developed by Alex22#7756 (Discord username). This bot has some moderation and common commands, use a!help and a!info for more information about the bot. If you have a suggestion for my bot you can use the command a!suggest and if you've found a bug, issue, you can join my Discord server to report the bug or report it directly with a!report; you can get the Contributor role if you help me reporting/fixing issues. I use heroku to host this bot which in my opinion, is a good free host for Discord bots.

Discord Server.

You can join my Discord server if you want to test my bot, ask a question, or report bugs, issues, etc. Discord invite: press here

Invite the bot to your server.

You can invite the Al3xis to your server using any of the following links:

Administrator permission: click here

Required permissions: click here