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A Discord Bot that automatically changes nicknames for joined members

Prefix an! or custom prefix
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner Ozoraa#9005


one of the bots that has a feature to change nicknames when members join the server, and this bot is very good to use for servers such as game community or any server You can change the nickname settings as you like, you can change their names, or add nicknames in front of or behind their names and by changing your nickname, you can prevent members from falsifying data or pretending to be important people or being someone else on your server

Before You Use bots Make sure you add permissions in the channel for the AUTONICKNAME role like this And make sure the AutoNickname ROLE is above the Members role


help - Show All Command

setnick - Setup Auto NickName , Leave It Blank For Disable

setprefix - Change the prefix for this bot in the server.

checknick - Check Current Nickname used for auto nickname in ur server.

getnick - This command can change the nickname of members who have long joined the server with terms and conditions

ping - Check ping Bots

about - Sends information about the bot, owner, donate and etc

rules - A description of the rules or terms and conditions for using AutoNicknameBot

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