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The Eye is a fun multipurpose bot with over 400 commands

Prefix ,,
Library discord.py
Servers 27
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The Eye which runs off of Reds' main source code comes with many powerful and easy to use commands to improve your server. Our commands are constantly getting updated and worked on every single day.

Music The Eye has an easy to use music selection, it can play links from spotify, youtube, soundcloud, and other music playing platforms with hardly any lag

Moderation Most of the commands in this bot are for moderation, to automatic banning of young accounts to stripping the freedom of a user and sending them to the dungeon, this bot is perfect for you and your server.

Fun/Social The Eye has a fair number of meme / image manipulation commands that are easy to understand and fun to try out, simply do ,,help and click on the reactions :)

Invite this bot to your server today, Its free, and if you dont like it, feel free to tell me what i should improve at: 101118549958877184 (My USERID)