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Team Up

Custom Matchmaking and Elo Rating Bot. Create a leaderboard for any game or tournament. Host and join any game across Discord servers.

Prefix !
Library discord.js
Servers 1,239
Owner Ben#2317


Matchmaking for any Game

  • Find matchmaking lobbies across different Discord server.
    • If there are no lobbies available then Team Up will keep looking and send you a notification when a new lobby matches your search.
  • Turn your own Discord server into a matchmaking lobby that members of other Discord servers can find and join.

Leaderboard for any Game or Tournament

  • Record wins, losses, and draws for any game or tournament.
  • Elo ratings automatically assigned and updated for each game recorded.
  • Team Up maintains a separate Elo rating for each game, tournament and team.
    • Playing with a new team will not affect your Elo ratings with other teams or solo Elo rating.
  • Recording can only be made by admins or members given the "Record Keeper" role.
  • Ability to undo game recordings made in error.
  • Share personalized links to the leaderboard.


Host a Game


Host a 2v2 Counter Strike GO game.

!h 2v2 Counter Strike GO Knives Only Dust

Host a 5 player Escape from Tarkov game.

!h 5 Escape from Tarkov

Search for a Game


Search for a 2v2 Counter Strike game.

!se counter strike 2v2 dust

Search for any game.


Record the Result of a Game

This will create a leaderboard for the game.


Record the result of a 2v2 Counter Strike game.

!record #1 @player1 @player2 #2 @player3 @player4 Counter Strike

Record the result of draw.

!record #1 @player1 #1 @player3 Chess Blitz

More Commands and Examples