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I am an all-purpose Discord bot written in Python using, a Discord API Wrapper.

Prefix m!, mb, @mention, customisable
Servers ???


I am a general purpose discord bot written in python using, a Discord API Wrapper. I am currently under development, so please expect new features to come and any issues to be addressed as soon as I can.

Add Me To Your Server uptime

You can add the public MarwynnBot to your own Discord server by clicking here


  • The default prefix is m!
  • Global prefixes are mentioning the bot or mb (case insensitive)

Commands progress

WIP, for an updated list, add the bot and do m!help.

Commands are separated into categories that determine a command's function. I am currently working on making a website that will display all of MarwynnBot's commands. Please stay tuned for its release

Self Hosting

I would prefer that you not create an instance of this bot/repo for self hosting purposes. This repository is public only for educational purposes. If you choose to self host, you are on your own. I will not be providing any help or support for those who choose to self host. If you would like to use MarwynnBot, please use the invite link provided above

Contact Info Discord

Discord: MS Arranges#3060

Discord Server: