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A not-so-basic bot I spend way too much time on

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A bot, yeah.

Meet Bob, the bot designed to link discord and twitch, the right way. disclaimer: the twitch side of Bob is still very unstable, it isn't public yet :)

Bob was born out of my discontent of there being a proper link between my discord server and my twitch server. I wanted something that could bring my quotes, my commands, my currency, and the kitchen sink to both sides. 6 months later, the discord bot is here!


  • modular, disable what you don't need
  • logging, log as much or as little as you want
  • automod, stop those pesky people who don't know how to disable caps lock
  • highlight, know when everyone is talking about you
  • moderation, raise the ban hammer
  • music, listen to all the tunes (maybe not all, I dont need youtube banning me)
  • custom commands, create commands tuned to your server, along with parameters to make them even more personalized
  • welcome/ leave messages, send messsages whenever someone new joins the server!
  • quotes, to catch all those moments of "my tongue slipped"

along with plenty more!

Whats to come?

  • twitch connections
  • modmail
  • roles based on ranks/vip/follower etc on twitch
  • currency (synced between discord and twitch, of course)
  • ranks based on hours watched/ points earned etc
  • autoresponders
  • timed messages
  • more!

Of course this is always a work in progress. Bob will never be fully complete, cause there's always room for more features!