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Multifunctional bot that includes logging, role configuration, moderation commands, and much more.

Prefix /
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner sairasu#3063

Holo has a lot of cool punishing commands such as /suspend which locks people out of a server without banning or muting them. You can log things like edited/deleted messages, who punished who, and even who joined the server at what time! There's also informational commands! There's a /whois command that gives you information on someone in the server, as well as /serverinfo which give you the server information!

Informational Commands

avatar - shows a user's avatar

botinfo - shows client info

help - displays a list of available command, or detailed information for a specific command.

info - Gives who the person is from ID

invite - bot and support server's invite

ping - checks the latency of the ping to the Discord API

policy - shows things the user should know

serverinfo - checks the server's information

whois - shows a user's information


dm - sends a dm to a user

8ball - ask the magical ball a question

embed - embeds a message

giveaway - starts a giveaway

mac - generates a random MAC address

password - generates a password

say - repeats a message

search - shows the users with the given name


ban - bans a member.

hackban - bans someone who is not in the server.

infractions - sees all infractions the selected member has

kick - kicks a member.

lock - locks a channel

mute - mutes a member

nuke - clears everything in a text channel.

purge - deletes an amount of messages

suspend - suspends a member

unban - unbans a user

unlock - unlocks a channel

unmute - unmutes a member

unsuspend - unsuspends a member

warn - warn a member in a server


auditlogs - records every deleted/edited message

memberlogs - logs every member who joins and leaves

modlogs - sets a mod log channel

role - creates/deletes/adds/removes a role