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Transistor FM

Discord radio, made simple. One of the few unique music bots, with over hundreds songs and jingles from all over the world.

Prefix @Transistor FM (Customizable)
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner RHG#0822



Transistor FM

Discord radio, made simple.

Transistor FM is a public Discord music bot, made to mimic a radio station with tons of jingles and with a variety of music, being broadcasted across multiple servers at rapid speeds.

Setup using @Transistor FM setup, and following the user interface.

  • Requestable Songs!
  • Ease of Use
  • A bot that acts like a radio!
  • Over 100 songs!
  • Advanced database structure

Permission Breakdown:

โ€ข Required Permissions โ€ข
- View Channel, Connect & Speak
These permissions are needed for the bot to play it's music.
- Read & Send Messages, Embed Links, and Read Message History
The bot needs these permissions to send the embed messages you see here.

โ€ข Optional Permissions โ€ข
- Manage Messages
To make the config menu act properly, so it can auto delete the messages it's done with.
- Deafen Members
The bot can deafen itself when it connects to the channel. So you don't have to worry.


This bot does not save any user data, but it does save guild-specific data.