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A fun bot providing various tools to make your Discord even better. Anime? Stream notifications? Reminders? Tags? Logs? Xenia got them all ready for you.

Prefix ~
Library JDA
Servers 93


Discord Bot

Xenia provides various tools to improve the experience in your guild:

  • Keep track of important things ~notification create "6h 20m" "meet with friends"
  • Never miss when your favorites are streaming on twitch ~twitch create https://www.twitch.tv/
  • Where did the last message go? ~last deleted
  • Can u upload that file to hastebin? ~hastebin
  • What a nice cat video i found ~tag create "smallcat" "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W86cTIoMv2U"
  • Lets chat somewhere!* ~chatbot setup
  • Give me some anime! ~anime // various types available And more

Not sure how the current command group works? just add help to the end ~twitch help or ~help to see all command-/groups

Settings and configuration


Most responses have been translated. Available languages are:

en_us - English
en_uwu - A more UwU version of English
de_de - German
fr_fr - Frensh
es_es - Spanish
ja_jp - Japanese

To set your personal response language, use
~settings self language LOCALE_ID
To enforce a language for your guild, use
~settings guild language LOCALE_ID
~settings guild settings ENFORCE_LANGUAGE true

Guild Settings


Some settings for the guild in general are available
~settings guild settings OPTION true/false

COMMAND_AUTO_CORRECT - Disables the typo response and executes the command it thinks is correct on typos
ENFORCE_LANGUAGE - Enforce the set language as response language
VPERM_ENABLE - Use the virtuale role/permission system provided by Xenia to check member/(role) permissions instead of the Discord one


The prefix of the bot (default ~) can be changed to any 1-4 characters you want
~settings guild prefix PREFIX


Some features of the bot are limited to a certain amount to keep usage reasonable. Those limits can be extended by asking us for a license key if u have the need for more. This will raise the limits as desired.
~settings guild upgradelicense LICENSEKEY
The current limits can be viewed on the general overview
~settings general

Channel Settings

Access mode

Xenia has various modes on how to act (and not to act) in a specific (or the current) channel
~settings channel accessmode ACCESSMODE #optional_channel_mention

ACTIVE - Xenia will properly interact
INACTIVE - Xenia wont respond to commands but logging is still active
DISABLED - Xenia will ignore this channel


Xenia is able to log messages to find out if something has been edited or deleted. This can be turned off/on on a per channel basis and allows to just keep track off those changes or log them to a channel.
~settings channel logging true/false #channel_mention #optional_log_channel

Role Settings

It is possible to create and assign virtual roles to a member to use the virtual permission system of Xenia.
This feature hasnt been implemented yet



Will setup the chatbot in the mentioned channel or create a new one. If an existing setup already exists this will turn the feature off again ~chatbot setup #optional_channel_mention

Modes & Learning

You are able to customize the chat experience by swapping out or extending the existing datasets with your own chats ~chatbot learning mode MODE Available modes are

MASTER_ONLY - only use the existing datasets in chat
MIX - extend the existing datasets with your own chats
SELF_LEARNING_ONLY - only use your datasets

To let Xenia know where to fetch your chats from use (will default to the current channel) ~chatbot learning channel_link true/false #optional_channel_mention Updates made to either of these settings above might take a while to take effect

Some features might not work properly at the moment or have not yet been implemented

*This feature is only available in English and is intended for entertainment purposes only. Responses are generated from unverified messages - Some answers may seem inappropriate in certain contexts. Learn more about the origin of the root datasets here
**NSFW commands are disabled in non nsfw channels and might be hidden aswell where this is possible