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MasterBot is free discord bot with High Quality Music & BassBoost, Miners, Economy, Social, Fun, Administration and always Online 24/7

Library discord.js
Servers 3475





24/7 Music bot and using discord.js as the library. Please support MasterBot by voting to improve this bot to be better.

High quality music bot.

The default prefix is mb , master , masterbot , @MasterBot and ^, Use mb help to get a list of commands.

This bot has great features

✦ Rich features

✦ Supports YouTube

✦ 99% uptime. Hosted 24/7

✦ Discord bot with Leveling feature

✦ And much more

Don't know the prefix? Just mention @MasterBot and you will get the prefix.

To check command usage, Type ^help

Example: ^help ping