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Server Password Bot

This bot will add the ability for you to have members enter in the password you want them to enter in!

Library discord.js
Servers ???

This bot provides a feature to your server, So if someone leaked your invite to your private server and you want to keep the invite and not revoke it, this is the bot.

How to setup the bot

If you want to setup the bot, here are the steps:

  1. Invite the bot
  2. Give the bot permissions (MANAGE CHANNELS & MANAGE ROLES)
  3. Type sp!setpass [Password] to set your password for your guild (No [])
  4. The bot will automatically create the channels for you
  5. Now if users join, they will be prompted with entering the server password
  6. Congratulations you've setup the bot!

If you would like to change the prefix, type sp!setprefix [Prefix], the list of commands are sp!help