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Meet Zori, a discord bot that brings fun and social commands to your server!

Prefix zori
Library discord.py
Servers 163

Run zori help in your server to get a full list of commands!


Zori’s commands consist of mostly fun, but has other categories such as utility. You can get the weather, coronavirus statistics for your country, lyrics for any song and so much more!


Short description of commands:

• Action commands, such as: hug, slap, and kiss.
• Information commands, such as: guildinfo and userinfo.
• Fun commands, such as: owoify and chatbot.
• Image commands, such as: invert, pixelate, triggered and wanted.

What does Zori do?:

Zori is multi-purpose, so it has commands of all different types; there’s no main feature, just a lot of different commands for you to try out and have fun with!


Want to be able to hug your friends on Discord? Zori can do that!


Get info on a user with the userinfo command:


Create tags with the fully functional tag system, when you create a tag; only you can edit or delete it (admins bypass this):


Search for any Pokémon by their ID or name:


Get coronavirus statistics globally or by country:

coronavirus command

Image manipulation: