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Create private support channels for a better member support experience in your server

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The only tickets bot you will ever need.

Create private support channels in your server for a better member support experience.



xTickets allows you to require a explanation of the issue from the member when creating a ticket, so when a staff member comes to the ticket, they will immediately know what the member needs help with. This is done with Discord's Modals.


xTickets allows you to keep track of everything happening in your panels, such as a ticket being created, a ticket transcript requested, a panel setting changed and more.


xTickets allows you to add members to a blacklist, which means they will not be able to create tickets in the specific panel. That is useful if you have an issue with spammers or trollers.


xTickets allows you to generate transcripts of tickets - a text file with a list of all of the messages in the channel.


xTickets allows you to 'claim' a ticket - this will lock the channel for all staff members except you, so you can talk privately with the member.


xTickets allows you to customize texts and images in your panels.

Thread tickets

xTickets allows you to use Discord's Threads feature, and make tickets as threads instead of regular channels.

*This requires level 2 in boosting.

Context tickets

xTickets allows you to create a ticket with a context, using Discord's Context Menus feature. It means you can link a ticket to a specific message, if you need an explanation of that message, for example.

How to get started?

To get started you can use the command /create-panel (/create-panel regular for regular panels).