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Q&A Bot

The Q&A Bot allows you to collect questions directly from your community, and answer them to create a dynamic Q&A|FAQ.

Prefix /
Library discord.js
Servers 2,380
Owner taydex#0

This bot allows for an easy way to respond and collect questions from your community.

Perfect for:

  • Q&A
  • AMA
  • FAQ

Easy Setup (All Info also available with "/help"):

  • Run "/setup" and select the channel for the Q&A, and a hidden queue channel.
  • Done. Now just wait for questions from your community and reply to them.

The Bot is the perfect solution for engaging with your community and answering their questions. It directly allows you to build/collect a Q&A made out of questions by your Community. With its easy setup, it's also viable as a Q&A only for a certain Event/short period.

The Bot uses Discord's newest features such as modals, buttons and slash commands together with embeds to create a clean looking and simple to use bot.

Privacy: While of course every question and answer needs to pass through the bot, neither are ever saved on a seperate server. Both the questions and Answers only get quickly processed and are never put into permanent storage.

All commands and a description for them:

Command Usage
/setup Command used for initial bot setup
/help Further info on how to setup the bot.
/settings Multiple settings allowing you to customize the experience.
/donate Info about supporting bot development.