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The Magical Nelly!

Prefix n!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy n!privacy
Owner Grinder#0001

The little robot hamster Nelly - from discord, except not. This bot is a multi-purpose bot, able to make you run commands to show server members quick links to discord's rules, reportable offences and other. The bot also has moderation features and fun features, to make your server discord fun (and safe) and maybe some hidden rickroll features. Nelly (the hamster bot) is truly one of the best bots you can find that helps Discord out (ish) and if you want a quick referral to some rules for some server members, you just found the bingo.

n!help to view all the commands

Discord related commands:

n!d-report (Shows you a link to discord’s trust and Saftey site & Reportable offences) n!d-tos (Quick link to the terms of service and a run down of the rules) n!d-comguide (Quick link to the community guidelines and a run down of the rules) n!d-servers (Missing on a discord official server? Check here)

Moderation Commands: n!lock (Lock down channel) n!unlock (Unlock a channel) n!slowmode (Set a slowmode for a channel) n!ban (Ban a user from your server)

Fun Commands: n!clickevent (Makes a clickevent) n!profile (Check your own profile)

Fun Currency related commands: (Beta)