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Message Manager

A bot focused on making managing staff information messages easier.

Prefix ~
Servers 920

Message Manager

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This bot is designed to make the management of information messages easier.
It enables more than one member of a staff team to be able to edit a single message.


  • Message management (editing and sending)
  • Customizable prefix and server settings

The Message Function

A message or number of messages can be sent to a channel. A few weeks later the staff decide that the messages need to be updated. Instead of having to wait for the person who sent the messages (if the bot was not used) They can just use the bot to edit those messages.

Ease of use

This bot will detect if you miss a parameter out, and it will ask for it. This is useful if you need to copy paste twice to get the id's for example.
After each message command has finished the bot will log who did it, the channel and the content in that channel.
If the content of a message is over 700 characters or so in the logs it will be send as a txt file to avoid chad flooding.


  1. Invite the bot to your server
  2. Setup the prefix with ~setup prefix
  3. Then setup the rest of the configuration.

Issues and open source

This bot is open source, the code can be found on github from the link above.
This and the support server can be used to raise issues and or feature requests.
If you want to contribute to the bot, open a pull request.

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