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The Discord bot for temporary voice channels, events scheduling and embed messages.

Prefix . (customizable) or /
Library Other
Servers 1,678
Owner Edwin#3726

Ilnox - The Discord bot of the future.

Hey there!👋 I'm Ilnox, a customizable, easy-to-use, highly available Discord bot. Built from the ground up to be fast and redundant to make your server better by helping you schedule and manage events, create embed-supported messages, and by creating voice channels with linked text channels.

Core Features

Smart Channels 🎧

  • Dynamically created and deleted voice channels based on customizable templates with linked text channels where users currently in the voice channels can read and send messages.

Events 📅

  • Easy to use event scheduling for all activities with configurable notifications. No more manual time conversion required, thanks to the use of automatic time adaptation where everyone can see the event's time in their local time. Support for channel & role whitelisting, fully integrated with Smart Channels.

Rich Messages 💬

  • Easy to create and edit embed-supported messages for all your announcements and informational needs.

High Availability ⚙️

  • Since no one likes downtime, we have and will continue to put a lot of effort into keeping our infrastructure running and redundant.

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