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Drunk o'Bot

A fun-bot that has random snarky and hilarious responses to all of its commands.

Prefix d!
Library discord.py
Servers ???
Privacy Policy d!privacy

Drunk o'Bot

Drunk o'Bot is a Discord Bot that does nothing you want it to do. The main idea behind Drunk o'Bot is that it simulates a general purpose/modbot, but instead of kicking or banning people, it just has something stupid to say instead. New responses get added frequently!

Prefix: d!

Commands (as of right now):

  • warn (user) - Does not actually warn anyone
  • mute (user) - Does not actually mute anyone
  • kick (user) - Does not actually kick anyone
  • ban (user) - Does not actually ban anyone
  • bean (user) - Throws baked beans at someone
  • flirt (user) - Flirt with another user
  • givecoookie (user) - Give a cookie to someone
  • fortune - Random funny Fortune Cookie quotes
  • topic - Posts a conversation starting topic to revive ded chat moments
  • wisdom - Don't actually take Drunk o'Bot's advice.....
  • joke - Random 'guy walked into a bar' jokes and more
  • ask (yes/no question) - Your basic Magic 8 Ball, except it's got drunk responses
  • slot - Very much experimental and lazily made.. I may delete this, or I may rework it. (It's a very basic slot game)
  • activity - Enable or Disable random activity messages in channels. Every 40 messages sent in an activity enabled channel will invoke a random message from Drunk o'Bot where you can either fight to be the first person to react to claim a free beer, or be unlucky and get punched in the crotch :x
  • help (command) - The help menu. If you mention a command name in the command, detailed information will be displayed
  • ping - Check Drunk o'Bot's Latency.... Except he may be too drunk to tell you
  • botinfo - Displays info about Drunk o'Bot
  • clear - Simulates a modbot's clear messages command.. except it's actually useless
  • invite - Sends an invite link to Drunk o'Bot so other people can invite him to parties! (There better be beer or else.)
  • donate - I legitimately do not want your money. This command instead tells you to donate to a charity
  • suggest - Suggest new features for the bot
  • support - Invite link to the support server
  • privacy - Displays our Privacy Policy
  • prefix - Displays the current prefix
  • prefix set - Allows a server admin to change the bot's prefix

Note that Drunk o'Bot does NOT actually kick, mute or ban people. Drunk o'Bot basically sends snarky/hilarious responses to every command used. Try it yourself! Some examples will be posted below the bot's logo.